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Benefits of IoT in Healthcare

Benefits of IoT in Healthcare

Mark, my neighbor, a senior citizen lived a happy life enjoying his morning walk, watering the garden and reading his favorite books. His favorite pastime was playing with Joy, his pet dog. In the middle of the night on Oct 3, 2005, there were a bunch of emergency vehicles at his doorsteps, and I ran out to see if I can jump in and assist. 

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Convergence of Pharmaceutical with Analytics: Future of Healthcare

Everyone needs a doctor’s assistance at one point in time or another, and we all would expect our doctors to treat us with at most care. We believe that doctors are all experts and that there goes a thorough analysis behind all their medical decisions. But that can’t always hold true.

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InfoFaces: Providing Comprehensive IT Governance Consultancy to Businesses across Sectors

“InfoFaces has IT skills, analytics skills as well as the domain experts which is a rare combination to come across even in big companies”

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InfoFaces: Business Consulting Services through Predictive Analytics

“We analyze and predict results based on data using complex algorithms and help clients improve their business outcomes and become more agile in the marketplace”

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InfoFaces: Bringing Sustainable Approach in Business through Analytics and IT Solutions

Being a ‘technology agnostic’ company, we have been striving to give the best solutions based on IT trends.

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A Telecom Analyst’s Vision

Telecommunication industry has a vibrant role to play in today’s information age. In US alone, approximately 1.3 Trillion dollars has been spent for the growth of telecommunication industry in the year of 2014. It is expected to swell in the upcoming years due to the intense competition and rapid growth phase. The application of telecom analytics is manifold due to loads of data and is moving from batch processing to real-time mode.

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Restructuring the Life: Fuse Analytics with Healthcare

The over-all healthcare industry is experiencing a major transformation as it passages from a volume-based business to a value-based business. With growing demands from people for superior healthcare quality and increased value, healthcare providers and payers are under stress to deliver better outcomes. In addition to systemic issues, other factors add to the mammoth

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