The heart of the town, down the 100 feet road, houses the centre of excellence-tech plant. Men marched in formal attire and Women appeared in the drop-dread gorgeous outfits for the inauguration of InfoFaces new branch office.

On a warm morning of may’12  InfoFacians gathered together to celebrate the inauguration of our new office. It was a lovey-dovey welcome. Everyone’s eyes grinned in happiness.  Roses, sugar crystals, paper icicles festooned the day. Vibrant colors splashed the wave of joy everywhere.

With almighty’s holy blessings Mr. & Mrs. Ganesh lit the diyas. After few observances the ceremony came to an end. On that great day few freshers were on-board. It took few minutes for the trainee to finish off their street-scape view.

I didn’t know till that moment shaking hands, exchanging cordial greetings could befriend the Managers, team leaders simply. Yes!! People here are down-to-earth, inspiring, helping and encouraging. The one thing I learnt on that day, an organization with flat hierarchy will give interaction with the management team and better understanding of organization’s goals.

InfoFaces Office_Inauguration office inauguration

Our office, like any other good firm considers its employees as its assets. It has always been taking utmost care, in providing a healthy work zone for its employees, with spacious, comfortable,  pleasant environment To serve the clients in a better way.

The day came to an end with Inauguration lunch.

We were served with multi-cuisine dishes along with vibrant salads to delicious desserts. Our tables could not hold any more plate as it already had dozens of plates in front of everyone. Happy day one for all. It will be always.