Month: July 2015

Success Story


Ever since its inception, InfoFaces has had a robust focus on the Telecom sector. Our vast industry experience and domain expertise enable us to delivermany offerings which address the key areas of – service quality management, process automation, data monetization, analytics, customer satisfaction and statistical model.

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Video Analytics: The Powerful Weapon of Retailers

Like any place where money flows and large crowds of people gather, shopping malls are at risk of criminal bustle. Malls are under video surveillance to prevent theft, to deter crime, to increase customer safety and to help the cops in crime investigation. This was the belief a decade ago. With the bettering of the resolution in video cameras installed, the application for which it is installed is getting bettered at a steady rate.

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Beyond the Shopping Mall: Needle and Thread of Retail Analytics

Jessica is a regular at one of the remarkable shopping malls in the United States. More often during her monthly grocery shopping, she would opt to buy fresh vegetables from the seventh floor. Every time she goes in to buy groceries, she’d make the trip downstairs to the fourth floor, to pick out a pair of Ethnic wear. One day, she was wondering why there is this groceries section placed in the seventh floor! She hadn’t planned to buy anything that day, but that’s exactly what she ended up doing. Groceries, Ethnic wear, the works.

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Four Facets of Predictive Analytics

Who cares if we find out we lost a customer, after he left? Well, analytics is the next big thing and I think our competitors are starting to realize that in order to be competitive, they need to take advantage of that data, leverage and turn it into insights.The goal of analytics is not just to understand why you lost a customer but how to prevent you from losing one before it happens.

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